Seikkisrock is a rock festival for children.

A two day festival, organized in early June since 1999 , at Turku Adventure Park offers a wonderful entertainment for children of all ages and childlike persons. The festivals main focus is on music, but there is also available crafts and art workshops, plays, circus, magicians and dancers – not forgetting the bouncy castle. Non-governmental organizations are also involved in the event , they will be presented to children in their own ”Worldvillage” with the themes of tolerance and sustainable development. Adventure Park, activity center for children and families ,which is located in the district of Kupittaa offers verdant, comfortable and stimulating environment for the “Seikkisrock”. Performancies that take place at two stages and smaller shows throughout the area guarantee great and memorable festival experience.

Over the years, numerous leading children's music artists and special guests, has had performances at Seikkisrock. Including M.A. Numminen and Pedro Hietanen as Gommi and Pommi, Rokkikokki, Kengurumeininki, SukkaShokkiSakki, Herra Heinämäen lato-orkesteri, Moottorin Jyrinä, Jytäjyrsijät, Piirpauke, Jussi Raittinen and The Boys, Vilperin perikunta, Mikko Alatalo and Pelle Miljoona. The smaller stars that perform on the same stage as the bigger stars, give their own particular addition to the Seikkisrock – Children's own bands! In addition, there has also been a variety of circus, music and theater groups.

The festival is organized since 1999 by children and youth cultural association Vilperi in cooperation with the city of Turku, department of Youth Affairs. Most important values of Seikkisrock are the cultural and arts education of children and thus diverse, supportive and participatory experiences to children, together with their loved ones. Seikkisrock is a well established and popular part in the variety of summer events at Turku. The festival is made heartily and with great professional knowledge.

Children´s rock festival Seikkisrock starts the summer festival season in early June, after the end of schools, at week 23.

Adventure Park (Seikkailupuisto) – room for play, creativity and interaction!

The Adventure Park, founded in 1982, is an activity center for children and their families. The Adventure Park emphasis creative activities and imagination; to invent and experience together by doing handicrafts and versatile art hobbies.

In summer time visitors can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and infrastructure, which make the Adventure Park an original and unique family resort. In wintertime, organized and instructed open activities as well as regularly working hobby groups are moved indoors.

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